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Publish your game


If you want publish your PC game by us - we can offer you:

1. Publishing in game magazine on coverCD

We have ovet 25 game magaines with full versions of games on CDs.
Play invest money in localisation of game to polish language.

We offer % from profit , on each magazine - with cover CD
Our game magazines are always on

Avarage price is 10zł ( ~2euro+23% vat )





2. Publishing as a retail products to shops - in DVD exclusive box.

If game will be success in game magazine sale - we are offering release

in DVD exclusive box, and distribute to shops.

Prooducts are sold for 19,90zł   (4euro+23%vat tax.)
We pay % from profit.

Royality report each year quarter , or each time client ask.



We published :

Lighthouse - ShipSimulator
Sword of the Stars, SunAge, Locomania
Valusoft - Prison Tycoon 2, World Poker Champ
B2B - NitroStuntRacing
Battlefront- Combat Mission 2, Combat Mission 3
Akella - Lucless John
Empire - Ejay products
Enlight - Warlords Battlecry 3, Zoo Empire
Funatics - 8 Wonder of the World
Cyanide Studios - Cycling Manager 4 Chaos League
Phenomedia - Moorhuhns ( 17 titles )
SilverStyle - The Fall
p3 int - Kult
Paradox - Chariots of War
Slitherine - Spartan
Iridon: WantedGuns, PurePinball,...                              
Wargaming -Massive Assault
Egosoft - X2 the threat
B2B - HUGO titles
FROGSTER - Championsheep Rally
and many other developers





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