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Meet lovely and funny virtual doggies. Make one of them our favourite pet!
Choose your pupil from 18 breeds, each one with varying looks, character and predisposes. Take care of your dog: feed it, walk to the park or on the beach, play and pet it, and it will soon become your best friend.
You can also train your dog and start in many competitions to testyour pet's abilities.
This game will deliver funny and informative entertainment for many hours and things you'll learn from the game can be helpfull when taking care of a real dog.

- 18 different breeds
- mini-games and puzzle
- infinite gameplay
- funny animated tricks
- beautiful graphics

System requirements: 1,8 GHz single core processor . 512 MB RAM . 128 MB DirectX 9.0 compatibile video card . DirectX compatibile sound card . DirectX 9.0c . Windows XP/Vista







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