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Santa Claus Adventures


In Santa Claus Adventures player helps Santa Claus to find the gifts for the children, stolen
by the mysterious thief during Santa's sleep. Santa must chase the thief and recover the gifts.
To find thief's hideout, Santa has to go to the huge cave, place very high in the mountains.

- 6 advanced levels, 10 sets of gifts to find on each of them
- except gifts and things that add points to the scoresheet, player can find magic stuff that help facing the enemies
- magic has limited number of uses, so player must use it wisely!
- fairy tale-style, bright colours, 2D graphics, children will gonna love it :)
- advanced levels
- extraordinary locations

System Requirements:
System: Windows 98SE/XP
CPU: 450 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
HDD: 200 MB