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Play sp zoo company was founded in 1994 in Warsaw POLAND. We employ 34 persons in the firm, and have own building near Warsaw , POLAND .
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1. Game publishing
We have published over 400 products in POLAND.

We published:
Lighthouse - ShipSimulator 2006, 2008, Sword of the Stars, SunAge, Locomania
Valusoft - Prison Tycoon 2, World Poker Champ
B2B - NitroStuntRacing
Battlefront- Combat Mission 2, Combat Mission 3
Akella - Lucless John
Empire - Ejay products
Enlight - Warlords Battlecry 3, Zoo Empire
Funatics - 8 Wonder of the World
Cyanide Studios - Cycling Manager 4 Chaos League
Phenomedia - Moorhuhns ( 17 titles )
SilverStyle - The Fall
p3 int - Kult
pmStudios- Etrom
Paradox - Chariots of War
Slitherine - Spartan
Iridon: WantedGuns, PurePinball,...
Wargaming -Massive Assault
Egosoft - X2 the threat
B2B - HUGO titles
FROGSTER - Championsheep Rally
and many other developers

We publish games in may price levels:
6-15zl ( 1,5-4euro ) costs newspapers magazines - sold in kiosks , where client can find 1-2-3 full games ( vist )
19,90zl ( 5 euro ) costs products in chains of shops ( like Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc ) (visit: )
29,90zl - 49,90zl ( 7-11euro ) biggest games - distribution in ( Media Markt, Saturn, Empik )

2. Developer
We create games and programs, which we sell in Poland.
We also sell licenses for these products abroad.

3.Game Magazines
We edit 47 game and computer magazines when we advertise our published titles. They include full versions of games and programs on Cover CD.

4. Distribution
We sell our products to many shops: Media Markt, Empik, Leclerc, Careffour, Auchan, Hit, Tesco, Makro Cash and Carry, Ahold, Hipernova

5. Wholesale company
We sell in bulk following software to 450 independent shops:
computer games, encyclopaedias and handbooks, educational software, bookkeeper's software, office software, operating systems, new software for consoles.

6. Internet store
We possess the biggest one in Poland.
Advertisements of our shop can be found in all computer magazines in Poland.

7. documentary MOVIE developer and publisher
Two 50 minutes films in 3D made. about history of 2 war.

8. If you plan move your business to POLAND
I can help in it. I have big building ( 2000 sq.m ) and I can be your REPRESENTATIVE in Poland

Why publish by us:
1.We sell to every chain of shops in Poland, and to about 600 independent shops.
2.We edit 30 computer magazines including only our demos, and full games if we have flat fee licence.
3.We advertise a lot in other magazines
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Part of our published titles:

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