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The Wolfshanze: WOLF,s Lair: Hitler`s Headquarters


The Film The Wolf's Entranchment is a very interesting place. Many people don't know that the assasination on Adolf Hitler's life which could have been successful took place in the present Polish areas - in Gierloz near Kretrzyn.

When Play as the publisher decided to make the documentary the film crew took the following actions:

- a visit in Gierloz
- reaserch on all books, documentary photos and sets of bunkers models available
- the first version of the script book was made
- all graphics and music elements were gradually created
- materials made in Gierloz were added

This film's advantage is the very vivid reconstruction of the Wolf's Entranchment bunkers and details of their set-up and equipment. Thanks to the wonderful animation together with pictures, both contemporary and taken in the wartime, a spectator can learn the history of Hitler's Headquarters itself and of the most famous assassination on the German nationalist socialists' leader.

Detailed plans and charts help us to find the way in The Wolf's Entranchement area.








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