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The Battleships of the WWII


The first half of the 20th century brought us a huge technological development. It also continued an armaments race which started before the Great War.

During it, a lot of solutions on the battlefield was found. But only during The Second World War, the science and the new technologies were connected like never before. Dynamics of what heppened on the battlefields of the Second World War caused a huge development not only of the ground forces and air forces but also navy. The bigger meaning of the sea areas in this conflict caused the huge development of tactics and strategy of the naval fights, using more diversified naval units. Huge battleships and aircraft carriers arised and proved their strategic quality during the Second World War. The were also made submarines equipped with new technologies which enabled them to stay under the water for a long time.

In our film we present the most known units of the Second World War, their history and selected battles in which they fought. Talking over the technological and tactical development of the greatest german submarine forces, we will follow their evolution.

Thanks to 3D graphics and archival photos we can turn the clock back and present in detail the units which fought in the naval battles during the Second World War. From potentially very dangerous small submarines to the very well-armed massive battleships, which fought in the furthest corners of the world. It turned out that, despite this all power, the lot wasn?t gracious for them ...






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